Small Business Cybersecurity Specializes in Cybersecurity for Small Business

Our focus is small business. Our mission is to make cybersecurity affordable and manageable. By using a combination of open source and our own internally developed tools, we're able to price our services to fit small business budgets.

Maybe your business isn't big enough to have IT or security staff, but you have very real cybersecurity needs. Does responsibility for cybersecurity in your business fall to the person who is 'good with computers'?

We're here to support that person.

Our Service Offering:
  • IT & Cybersecurity Consulting
  • Port & Network Monitoring
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence
  • Web Application & Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Passive Recon - A Passive Information Gathering Tool
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Network & Port Monitoring

Keep track of the devices and networks that you have exposed to the Internet. Recieve automatic notifications to alert you when open ports or services are discovered on a subnet or domain.

Get notified when ports and services are discovered for:
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Services Associated with IoT Devices
  • Compromised or Malware-related Services
  • New Open Port or Service is Discovered
  • Databases that don't Require Authentication
  • Expired SSL Certificates
  • Services That Shouldn't Generally be Available
  • Services Vulnerable to a Known Issue

We'll perform on-demand or scheduled scans to keep you informed of known vulnerabilities, and work with you to mitigate or remediate those vulnerabilities. We've developed our own scanning and assessment tools, so we can offer these services at a price that fits a small business budget.

Threat Intelligence

We've partnered with to provide a portfolio of Cyber threat intelligence services at a price point that fits the budget of small businesses.'s access to the API allows us to develop customized monitoring solutions, alerts, e-crime searches, and watchlists for compromised credentials.

Do you need to vet the tech infrastructure of a prospect, business partner, vendor, or competitor?

Do you need to track down the owner of a domain, IP address or network?

​Are you the go-to-person responsible for IT in your small business?

Then CyberIQ Passive Recon is the investigative tool for you.
Passive Recon is a tool to discover:​
  • Current & Historical DNS & Whois
  • Reverse IP, MX & NS
  • Associated domains
  • SSL/TLS Certificates
  • Autonomous Systems & AS Peers
  • Subnets & IPv4 Prefixes
  • Open ports & services
  • Technologies observed on a domain and their vulnerabilities
Passive Recon gathers information from a variety of sources that are constantly scanning the internet. Passive Recon has access to:
  • 7+ Billion Historic WHOIS records
  • 1.6+ Billion Domains/Subdomains
  • 2,800+ TLDs and ccTLDs
  • 9.5+ Million IP Netblocks

Passive Recon is available starting at $29 per month.

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Passive Recon Features

Cybercrime Infrastructure
AS & Open Ports
Reverse WHOIS