Get Started With Passive Recon

With Passive Recon there are no API keys to purchase, nothing to install, no dependencies, no commands or arguments to remember.

You can use it on any platform - Windows, Linux or Mac. All you need is a browser. And all of the data from each tool can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Passive Recon finds information about domains, IP addresses and networks: ownership history, geolocation, network & network peers, DNS & DNS history, and technologies observed to be in use (and their known vulnerabilities).

CyberIQ Passive Recon is available as a subscription starting at $29 per month.

Historical DNS, reverse DNS, cert history
DNS, open ports, banners and services
Network geolocation, Autonomous System peers and IPv4 prefixes
IP geolocation and AS information
Current and historical Whois data
Technologies observed to be in use on a domain

Passive Recon Features

Cybercrime Infrastructure
AS & Open Ports
Reverse WHOIS