Get Started With Passive Recon

There are a lot of open source information gathering tools out there. And if you're handy with a Linux distro like Kali, and you have all of them installed, you can get a pretty good picture of your objective. What we've tried to do here is put all of the network basics together in one place and make it available on any platform - PC, Mac, or Linux - all you need is a browser. If you'd like to see how Passive Recon works, watch these videos.

Passive Recon will find the information about a domain, its ownership history, geolocation, network & network peers, its DNS records & DNS history, and the technologies observed to be in use (and their known vulnerabilities). No need to install any scripts. And all of the data from each tool can be downloaded as a CSV file.

CyberIQ Passive Recon is available as a subscription for $29 per month. A monthly subscription provides enough queries to conduct 15-20 domain investigations.

Passive Recon Features

Cybercrime Infrastructure
AS & Open Ports
Reverse WHOIS