Cybersecurity Tools & Services

Cybersecurity doesn't have to be expensive

Most large cybersecurity companies haven't developed cybersecurity tools and services with small businesses in mind. Here are no-cost/low-cost tools that we use, have developed, or modified for use in a small business.

Our experience with small businesses has shown us that cost and complexity are the single biggest impediments to implementing a cybersecurity program. We have worked to find and develop solutions that largely eliminate these issues.

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The Qualys Community Edition is a free vulnerability scanner that will discover IT assets and their vulnerabilities, identify compliance gaps and provide detailed reports. The community edition can also perform web application vulnerability scans.
Nmap, a free, open source network mapper and port scanner, can be used with two of the most popular vulnerability/CVE detection scripts, nmap-vulners and vulscan, to detect relevant CVE information from remote or local hosts.

We've developed our own Python wrapper for Nmap & Vulners that makes it easy for less technical users to map their network, discover assets, and document services and vulnerabilities.
Security Onion is a free and open source Linux distribution for threat hunting, security monitoring, and log management. We use Security Onion to monitor events and IP traffic to and from our network.
Passive Recon is a passive information gathering tool that we've developed to find information about domains, IP addresses, and networks. Passive Recon is a low-cost tool that gives you a view of your attack surface. Passive Recon also gives you the ability to assess the technical capabilities of your business partners, vendors and competitors.