has Partnered with Infosec to deliver best in class security awareness training for our clients. Infosec IQ is an award-winning solution designed to help you prevent data breaches and other security incidents, meet and track security awareness compliance requirements, and save time and money with automated course delivery, management and reporting.

Phishing Simulations & Training

Conduct anti-phishing education at the point of attack — the inbox. Educate your workforce with our library of phishing templates and education tools or build your own templates to prepare employees for the threats you face in your environment.

Deliver training when it matters most

Layer your security awareness training program to keep security top-of-mind throughout your organization while also providing personalized education to each employee.

AwareEd makes it easy to schedule organization-wide campaigns to stimulate engagement or meet training goals within your desired timeline. You can also automatically assign education when employees fail assessments, click phishing simulations or trigger endpoint protection alerts.

Delight employees with a friendly learner experience

Security awareness and training shouldn’t be a chore for your employees. Deliver a personalized training experience, enable training completion certificates and more to improve the experience for every employee.

Do you have employee accessibility requirements? Learner-facing content in Infosec IQ is developed using guidance from Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 standards to make the platform more accessible to learners of all abilities.